5 Basic Ways To Do A Redesign Project


A Redesign project is something you may need to consider if you have a design that’s not working for your lifestyle or your needs at home . Redesigns are of various scales and can be done in different ways.

I’ll share 5 basic ways to get started on your redesign project with you but the one you chose is totally dependent on you. I advice though that you to look into the scale and detail of the redesign together with your budget before making a choice. Don’t just go for the cheapest option like most people will; be smart and mindful of the value you need. There are some redesigns that you can handle on a small scale but some others may require more depth and expertise so have that in mind.

Let’s dig in.

5 Basic Ways To Do Your Redesign Project #1: Hire a Professional to Design + Supervise For You

When you pay for the services of a professional to redesign and supervise for you, it lifts a very big weight off your shoulders. This is one of the traditional methods and now a lot of people shy away from this or try to boycott because of the expense. The advantage is that you will have drawings. Tell the desginer about your expectations and ensure that they understand. Then you sit , relax and get your finished product. If this is a good option for you, you should know How To Find The Right Designer For Your Project

5 Basic Ways To Do Your Redesign Project #2 Hire Tradesmen + Supervise Yourself

If  you know what you want and you can put pencil to paper to come up with some sketches or go around getting good quotes to make comparisons with, then you can hire tradesmen and supervise your redesign right away. By tradesmen I mean carpenters, plumbers and the rest. If you can do this, you cut down on your costs by far. You have to be able to communicate with the people too. So work with people that you are familiar with or people that were recommended by someone they’ve worked with before. Recommendations are also a very good way to pick out tradesmen. Ultimately, You want to know What You Should Watch Out For When Picking Tradesmen.

 5 Basic Ways To Do Your Redesign Project #3 Hire a Professional to Design +Hire Tradesmen + Supervise Yourself 

Get a professional to redesign before you go ahead to hire tradesmen and have the groundwork done for you. You will have the basic things necessary to guide you in the right direction every step of the way. You will have sketches with the appropriate dimensions and details where you need them. Most times you get free consultations about things bothering around that project from start to finish.  Communicate your concerns and expectations clearly. Then pay for the service and ask nicely to be introduced to good tradesmen to bring your redesign to reality.  You can ensure you Get the Best From the Time You Spend With Your Designer with a few smart tips.

5 Basic Ways To Do Your Redesign Project #4 Google + DIY

If you are pretty good with your hands and you trust that you can achieve some impressive things, you can surf the web to get the exact information that you need for your redesign. Next, dedicate time to implement what you have gathered from start to finish. This is by far the cheapest method but think about it well. Your information should be very authentic so browse good home makeover sites. Also put into consideration your location, the materials you have around and how it affects the total cost of your redesign.

5 Basic Ways To Do Your Redesign Project #5 Get Instructions From a Professional + DIY/Hire Tradesmen

A lot of professionals are ready more than ever to give you useful information if you are ready to pay for it. Some people don’t see why they should pay for information; well I can tell you that it takes time, experience and expertise to give appropriate solutions to problems. Paid consultations are good for clarity. Online courses are also good to guide you to making good decisions and sharpening your knowledge concerning your ideas. Coaching is a fairly new phenomenon in the design world but it’s a very good way to get hands on about different topics and really get into making that change you want in your home through information and guidance. So it’s like getting the information and still having all the benefits of consultations and advice. Get it?

If you need help with your redesign and you’re looking to work with a professional in any of the ways I’ve highlighted above, contact me and we can work together.



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