About Folakemi Odesola

If you are

  • Overwhelmed by the loads of things you need to get done to put your  interior in order
  • Stuck with your old look and you do not know how to bring change into your interior
  • So uncomfortable when people come visiting that you hope they somehow skip the embarrassing details of your interior
  • Pushed over by clutter lurking around and slowly taking over your interior
  • Upset by the fittings and fixtures and how they do nothing to make life easy for you
  • Ashamed to invite people over or sad because people hardly come over

Then you are in the right place

Basically, how your home or office interior looks and feels to the people who visit you seriously affects how they view you and what they think about you. If your space is not presenting the best version of you then that’s too sad! You have to do something about it.

But if you want your interior looking and feeling like a million bucks then you should stick around because there’s hope.

There’s a twist on this though…looking like a million bucks goes beyond looking like the ‘magazine spaces’ copy for copy and I guess you know that already

…Or you will if you close attention to the ride we are about to go on together

As an Architect and Designer with some years dealing with people and spaces, I know how to create an appealing + adorable, eye-worthy-feel-friendly space that suits you and your needs, and one that works for those you live with too!

I want to help you get confident about your own sense of style, get smarter with your ideas of design, and totally express yourself in your space

If you want this too, let’s get to the basics

I help people who struggle with setting up their homes and office spaces to suit the visions they have in their minds

It’s important to break design principles down into simple bits that the non-designers, designer curious and even design savvy people can understand better so they can use it to transform their lives and lifestyles.

I believe that the interior plays an important role in your mental, physical and emotional well being

When you welcome people into your home, they  judge according to what they see and how they feel. They can tell about what matters to you and what doesn’t all through your interior layout

Your interior can be your big first impression, and it needs to reflect sophistication, simplicity, chic,  fun and humour or whatever you fancy

I assure you that this is so crucial that they can tell your personality type!

Here’s How I Got Here:

There was a time I wondered when I was going to have the kind of home I always talked about; the one I absolutely adore. I did not move out of my Parents’ till I was still married so it was all wishes for me. I longed for a time when I would have my own space even if it was just a 12sqm one all to myself. A space to call mine, ‘all mine’.

The opportunity came and I took it with grace. Loved every bit of not just talking but walking the talk. Not just advising people on how things should be putting it things together on my own end

Knowledge is Key but Doing is King

Fresh out of Architecture school, I worked my way to some experience working for Architectural firms and Interior Design companies in Lagos-Nigeria. Visiting sites and communicating with clients, selling visions that were not really mine. I stayed and helped and cooked my own ideas on the back burner, arranging and polishing my platters for a time to serve.

One day I was pushed out of employment to embrace my own ideas leveraging not just on the experience I had gotten but on my own guts and passions as well and I had to own the rights to take what I know and make it work for me the way I want.

In addition to designing real spaces for real people at work; traditionally and online, with the e-designs, I got into retailing unique home decor pieces and answering a bunch of questions relating to space, colour, style, organization, decorations, complaints about architectural elements in rented homes; which I loved. So as I ran my design business, I got to do some specific DIY guidance and counselling. Yep!

As it turns out, I actually really enjoy the coaching game. I actually spend as much time hanging out in chat rooms talking people through their space challenges and frustrations as I do designing for the clients who need me to actually design and build for them. So not so long ago, I started doing design coaching as well. I mean, why not take my love for DIY and teaching and counselling full-time? It is something that’s almost in-born. I know something; I want to tell you all about it and how to go about it!

Thus, I made it my business to also cater to people who would rather be talked through a DIY than actually hire a designer, because I’d hate to see them fail at something that I’m passionate about and that I could devote time to helping them do.

Nowadays, I’m blessed to spend part of my time collaborating with real people who want real spaces. I help them tackle the root causes of their issues and their mindsets about their interiors. I advice on strategies for change  so they can live their best possible life. My clients should create the best looking homes, period!

And Honestly, I’m having the time of my life from talking to designers who need may need to leverage on some information, experience or specific expertise that I’m blessed to have home owner who would rather DIT (Do-it-themselves).

A Few Cool Reasons Why You’ll Want To Hang Around

  • I have 9 years of experience as an Architect on and off site and I know your structural needs . I’m an Associate member of the Institution of the Nigerian design lords and I have done my fair study time in Interior De
  • I’ve been creating pretty spaces for friends + family ever since I can remember but I made it a business in since 2011.
  • This is both job and passion for me
  • I will walk my talk when I’m sure that we are a match.
  • I do not work with everybody so If we are meant to be I’ll be all yours
  • I’m totally sold out(in an all-business way) to working with creative people to weave their uniqueness into their homes and spaces.

7 Facts About Me

  1. I have a loving husband, 2 beautiful children (a girl and a boy), 2 blessed-to-have sisters, 1 forever best friend, 12 and many more supportive friends
  2. My not-so-guilty pleasures include crackers, lettuce and lemon sodas while watching food TV which I should set time aside to watch really soon. Pretty boring
  3. I could sit and watch anything by Hugh Jackman and Robert Downey Jr all day on replay
  4. Loyalty is the core value that I cherish the most after Vision
  5. I’ve been to School of Architecture, Interior design school, dress making school, Graphic design school, Jewelry making school, Online business school, Bible school …I’m still taking so many classes at the moment…I’m stay hungry and forever teachable
  6. I’m a Vision boarding, journaling, goal listing and crushing lady
  7. If I was a singer I’d be India Arie for she’s the singing soul of me. and

Read are a Few Of My Favorite things  and Meet the woman that I’m becoming


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