The Right Designer

Quality of the designer vs type of designer

I’m dwelling more on the ‘quality of the designer’ as opposed to type you need for your project here. By now I assume that you know  the type of designer you need for your makeover, remodeling or redesign project.

It is often easy to tell when you need a carpenter or a plumber. Picking tradesmen is straight to the point. You need clarity on which design professional they need for which job.  There are different design professionals within the building and construction industry. However for the purpose of your Interior related projects know When to Hire an Architect and When to Hire an Interior Designer , they will hook you up with the others. When you have that sorted out you can proceed.

Finding a Designer That’s The Right Fit For Your Project #1 Do A Search

Social media is great because most professionals have their portfolios uploaded. It is deceptive as well so don’t be carried away, remember to also surf the rest of the web. Go by recommendations. If a trusted person is recommending, word of mouth is fine. If you have certain tastes and details that you want to achieve, ask more questions! Contact the designer and ask specific questions.

Finding a Designer That’s The Right Fit For Your Project #2 Investigate Your Findings

In the past you could rely totally on recommendations. I advice you now, do not just stop there. Do further investigations by placing a call to schedule a meet up, chat or another call with the designer.  This helps you know for a fact whether it will be an easy translation of your dreams to reality. The most important thing is to get assurance that the person will deliver so be focused on the goal. Follow with more investigations on the web and on social media handles. This time be on the look out for testimonials and/or complaints will help you to weigh your options well.

Finding a Designer That’s The Right Fit For Your Project#3 Engage Only Your Best

If after doing your search and investigating your findings, you come in contact with a really good designer, engage them but make sure they are your best. Though formal training and experience has a lot to do with expertise, being the best is not always about expertise alone. There are a few other things you need to know about Making The Most Of Your Time With Your Designer. These are the things that tell you  if engaging in business with this person is okay or not.

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