Architect or Interior Designer

The experts you need for your building project

The building  industry has many experts with different specialties, so knowing what they do and Finding one that’s the right fit for your project is important. It helps you manage your project expectations. You’ll also know beforehand who to hire when you know what they do.

I will dwell on two experts that will be of immeasurable use to you in your home and office design projects.  They are; the Architect and the Interior Designer. These two will pull in other people you need for your project to help achieve the task.

First things first, you have to know what exactly the Architect does and what the Interior Designer does to help you make a choice. It’ll also help you make wise choices instead of engaging quacks.

What Architects do

An Architect;

  • Designs all types of buildings using well thought design principles and consideration for the users
  • Conceptualizes and Draws up plans to suit the needs of the people who will be using the buildings
  • Specifies building elements and materials to help the building function properly
  • Prepares details for construction of buildings to simplify the building process
  • Supervises the construction of buildings to make sure it goes according to plan
  • Handles buildings and renovations too from scratch

An Architect as a building expert is bothered about the shape and appearance of the building and how it works for the purpose it is being built for. He/she knows in part and/or full every information including  technical details needed to manage the creation of the entire building. An Architect is so vast in knowledge having to do with the entire structure of your building that you immediately go to rest, assured that you are safe.  This knowledge includes Building works, Mechanical works, Electrical services, and any/every other service required for the type and nature of your building i.e.  visibility, sound and acoustics. Architects are usually very calculative and logical because they have to balance the issue of cost with having a sound structure.

An Architect is as strong as his/her ability to prepare details, specify finishes, materials and building elements to suit the functionality and aesthetics of your building without undermining cost and structural needs.

What Interior Designers do

An Interior Designer;

  • Designs all types of spaces using design principles
  • Conceptualizes and comes up with  plans to suit the needs of the users of the spaces
  • Specifies fixtures, finishes, materials and accessories to make spaces function at its best
  • Creates mood boards, style sketches to guide the planning and building of interior spaces
  • Supervises the building from scratch or remodeling of interior spaces
  • Handles space designs from scratch and space remodeling too

An Interior designer as a building expert is bothered about how beautiful the interior space is and how it works for those who use the space. He/she knows everything that’s needed to put the look all together in a workable way.  An Interior designer is emotional enough to want to give you a great experience in your space. This is someone who feels your pain when your current space situation does not work for you. One who also understands the sentiments underlying what you want when you’re building a space from scratch.

An Interior Designer’s strengths lies in the ability to specify materials, fittings and fixtures within a space that connects your emotional and aesthetic needs to your functional needs

Similarities and Differences between the experts

Both experts deal with space and they apply the same design principles. Architects and Interior Designers also work with other experts to achieve project tasks. They pull in whoever is needed to realize the project

However, one deals with your exterior shell and the functional linking of the spaces inside that shell. The other deals with your interior space and your well being physically and emotionally inside the space. One of the major differences between the two is that the Interior Designer does not deal with structural walls.

And there you have it! Now you know who you need to do what.

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